If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck...

It's certainly easy to see why the Jets were frustrated. Despite holding longtime nemesis Tom Brady to an ugly 19-39 for only 185 yards, Geno Smith's third interception of the day had sealed a 13-10 New England victory. In a rivalry this intense, tempers have a way of flaring up.

However, there's no excusing the Jets behavior at the end of the game. A melee started when Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold dove at the back of Aqib Talib's knees after the Patriots corner had already stepped out of bounds with his second pick of the day. The pushing and shoving resulted in two Jets being ejected: Left Tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson for throwing a punch, and fat tub of goo Willie Colon for shoving an official.

As if this display of stupidity wasn't enough, the Jets involved had the gall to complain during their postgame pressers.

"I thought it was a good tackle" said Mangold of the play pictured above.

Mangold wasn't done there, as he later took a subtle shot at Patriots coach Bill Belichick in his comments. A visibly heated Belichick had words for Mangold on the sidelines during the scuffle.
"He got heated about it. I was a little surprised by that. I figured he'd have a bit more poise, but obviously an intense game, an intense rivalry and tempers flare."
Nothing says poise like taking a cheap shot once the game is out of reach.

As per usual, Jets coach Rex Ryan did nothing to hold his undisciplined team accountable after the game.
"Nick went down, and the guy turned his back. It wasn't intentional by any means; he tried to make a cut tackle. [Talib] went out of bounds, and all heck broke loose. Apparently our team was the only one involved."
No Rex, your team was the only one taking shots at people's knees and shoving officials.

Some things never change.

Ned Brady 9/13/2013 03:46:00 PM Edit

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