Brady in top 10 'Most Hated Players in NFL'

Everyone in New England knows that non-Patriots fans are always sour and critical when it comes to future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. When you achieve the level of success that Brady has, people are going to turn of you simply because they are sick of hearing your name. According to a recent survey however, the criticism has actually turned into hatred.

The results of 1,100 people surveyed reveal that 25% of the voters dislike Tom Brady, planting him at 8th on the list behind notables like Mike Vick, Mark Sanchez, and Ndamukong Suh. Brady landed right between Tony Romo and Carson Palmer, respectively. The description goes as follows:
Pretty boy, model wife, perfect life. Women love him, but guys can't picture him coming over to watch the game over a few beers, like they can with Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers.

Like I stated above, Brady has always felt the heat from non-Patriots fans and even sometimes Pats fans themselves. However, when you consider TB12's humbleness and sincerity, it really is somewhat shocking know that people would actual say they hate Tom Brady. From the description, it seems that the participants most likely confused hatred with jealousy. Anyway, as the saying goes...

Anthony Aidonidis