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One of the best stories in the league with Patriots ties has come to a sad end.

Brian Hoyer, Tom Brady's former backup, took over the reigns in Cleveland with the team going into "play for 2014" mode. Surprisingly though, the QB performed exceptionally well - leading the 0-2 team to two straight wins. He seemed in a good rhythm in last night's game against the Bills, before his season was lost.

While running for a first down, Hoyer attempted to get down, but a charging Bills player hit him at the same time, causing his legs to move in a very awkward way. It's been confirmed that it tore his ACL.

An extremely sad story for a quarterback who was very impressive in his time as a Patriot, both in preseason and garbage time. With third round pick Ryan Mallett improving, the Pats moved on from Hoyer and his bonus money last season. After bouncing around on the Cardinals and Steelers, Hoyer finally got his best chance, and seemed to be taking full advantage of it before the cinderella story was cut short.

"He has everything it takes physically and mentally to play the position," Tom Brady told Cleveland.com last week. "He loves football and works hard at getting better."

The NFL is never fair, and this is just another sad example of that fact.

Michael Saver 10/04/2013 12:13:00 PM Edit

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