With the Jets trying for a 58 yard game winning field goal in overtime, the Patriots committed a penalty by having one of their defensive players much his teammate into a Jets player.

The ruling has received much controversy, as it was correctly called as the act is in violation of new rule 913, however the league apparently did a poor job of explaining this to teams.

The above gif shows a Jets special teams player effectively doing the same thing, pushing a teammate into a Patriots player. However, this wasn't called. So, is it not in violation of the rule?

The plays look pretty identical but the Patriots play is much more obvious, with Pats defensive lineman Chris Jones essentially driving Will Svitek into the opposing player. The Jets player seems more to nudge the play and doesn't follow him forward into the pile like Jones does.

The rule states that you can't push teammates into the offensive formation. It seems more like the Jets player fell into the formation rather than being pushed like a battering ram as Jones did with Svitek. I guess that's the difference?

Via: MassHoleSports

Michael Saver 10/21/2013 06:11:00 PM Edit

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