This is the wrong Willie Colon
If the referees warned the Patriots about it, they would've stopped it, simple as that.

This is all in the ongoing conversation about the controversial penalty at the end of the Patriots-Jets game yesterday. The Jets tried a 58 yard field goal in overtime and missed. However, the Patriots were called for an unnecessary roughness penalty for pushing a teammate into the pile, a new rule that had yet to be called before.

The Patriots committed the penalty due to a misunderstanding of the rule, however, Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon says they were warned by the refs.

In fact, Colon told Newsday that he overheard the officials say that they had warned the Patriots on a previous field-goal attempt about the pushing penalty.

Asked this today, the Patriots denied that it was true. After all, why would they do it on a crucial spot in the game if they had been told not to? It would make no sense.

Asked on WEEI today if the refs said anything to them about it before calling the penalty, Bill Belichick flatly said "no".

I guess it's a case of he said she said. I'd have to believe the Patriots on this one as it's the only side that makes sense. Is this just another case of a Jet looking to trash the Pats in the media at any chance?

Michael Saver 10/21/2013 05:33:00 PM Edit

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