The Jets rookie just keeps talking and talking.

Richardson recently said that Tom Brady is not superman. Which, fine, that's true. Very astute of you Sheldon.

Next he said that the NFL protects Brady. Sounds like Richardson would really fit in with the Ravens.

Speaking to the New York Post recently, Richardson explained his reasoning. None of it made any sense of course.

New York Post:
It’s very intense. … Cheap shots and all,” Richardson told The Post.

Asked if the Patriots were doing stuff other teams don’t, the rookie defensive tackle said: “It’s on film. Go back and watch.
“You’re going to see a lot of stuff, man, that the Patriots can do to you, that they get away with, that we can’t do to the Patriots. It’s just the way it is.”

Why is that?

“It’s just the way the world works,” Richardson said.

Good point Richardson. It's just the way the world works.

“Why do we make rules after he gets hurt?” Richardson asked. “I don’t know why a bunch of stuff.

“They made the Tuck Rule back when? 2000 when? Tom Brady rule, right? OK, a lot of great quarterbacks have hurt a knee before, but now we can’t hit quarterbacks in the knees now ’cause Tom Brady gets hurt [season-ending knee injury in the 2008 season opener]. Doesn’t it seem that way? Right or wrong?”

Richardson doesn't know why a bunch of stuff for sure. It wasn't the fact that Tom Brady got hurt, it was the way that he got hurt. With Bernard Pollard being effectively taken out of the play on the ground, but lunging for the quarterback's knees anyway.

That's not a Brady thing, it's a player safety thing. You see plenty of other rules designed to protect the passer in the NFL, not just that one. Those weren't created because of Brady.

The tuck rule was insititued before Tom Brady was even a player in the NFL. So, no, it's not a Brady rule. It did famously help the Patriots in their run to their first Super Bowl win though.

Why would there be focus on protecting Tom Brady?

“’Cause if you take Tom Brady away from the Patriots, they win no more championships,” Richardson said.

You can say the same thing about Peyton Manning.

“He only won one,” Richardson said.

Ok, because that makes a ton of sense.

Richardson then goes on to talk about how he touched Tom Brady in Week 2 and the ref told him not to. So, he said he's going to push Tom Brady as much as he wants.

He ended on this note.

“He’s a Hall of Famer quarterback. He doesn’t make mistakes. It doesn’t matter who his wideouts are, he’s going to win the game, especially when he plays the Jets apparently. So I just can’t wait to play against him again,” Richardson said.

That's right, the Patriots always beat the Jets. Richardson, who admittedly doesn't know why a bunch of stuff, at least knows that.

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