Sebastian Vollmer injured in win, and it looks bad

Although the Patriots won, they suffered a huge loss as Sebastian Vollmer went down with a leg injury. And it looked bad. A few Dolphins players landed on his legs and he let out brutal screams as he went to the ground. It looks pretty obvious that his leg is broken. Before he was carted off his leg was placed in an inflatable splint which is used to stabilize broken bones. So if that is the case, Vollmer will miss the rest of the regular season.

Players from both teams tapped him as he was carted off. Marcus Cannon came in to replace him and actually did a decent job. The absence of Vollmer can't be understated as he is one of the best right tackles in the league and was just re-signed in the offseason. Lets hope for a quick recovery. Stay tuned for the official injury report in the near future.

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