Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Patriots player Aqib Talib exchange a
 handshake during the Patriots and Colts Game. Image courtesy of espn.com

     One thing became very clear for the New England Patriots on Sunday, and that thing was Talib's value. Chris Collisworth stated during the broadcast that "Talib's price is going way up". But what that does is make the team wonder just how much, and will / can they keep him? The answer must be a yes for keeping him that is for sure. At the current state, the patriots can NOT afford to lose another guy, and they need Talib to step it up like he has been and take charge. if that means that it will cost us a bit more, well then so be it. But that means that we MUST have him at any means necessary. Kraft and Belichick know who the good players are, and they have never had a problem in the past paying a bit more for the guys that will perform and step it up when the teams needs them.

     Talib's value is also second to none. He has proven that he can play and play hard at that, and especially with the pick he had in the game Sunday, he has sealed his name in New Englanders brains for at least the next week that's for sure. Now, he must stay at this level to continue, but that should not be a problem as the patriot way always sticks in the minds of the players, no matter what their roles are in the organization.

     If is price goes up, it is fine. The Patriots will always pay to keep the best guys here (They keep signing Brady right?). If Talib keeps performing, the Kraft's will keep paying, and that is what counts in this league

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 10/01/2013 06:54:00 PM Edit

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