Tom Brady leads the league in over and under-thrown passes

Photo Credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images
Remarkably, the headline is true. Tom Brady is currently leading the league in overthrown and under-thrown balls this season as according to a tweet via @ESPNStatsInfo. Tom Brady has either overthrown or under-thrown the ball 71 times.

But why is this? Tom Brady was deadly accurate in the preseason and training camp and now he is seemingly being inconsistent throwing the ball this season. One reason can easily be lack of receivers, but that's not going to lead to many overthrown or under-thrown balls in every NFL game.

While I do fault this on Brady, some fault can be attributed to the offensive line for not holding blocks. So far this season through 7 games, Tom Brady has been sacked 20 times. Last season, Brady went down 27 times, 32 in 2011 and 25 times and 2010. Obviously, those sacks are through 16 game seasons, so the pace Brady is on now through 16 games would be 45 times, the highest sack total in his career.

While Brady has shown some great accuracy, he hasn't been perfect and it seems as though he needs to be perfect if this teams wants to go anywhere since the defense is pretty banged up.

Another possible reason, is Tom Brady the one that is hurt? Brady has been hit a lot this season and he has been known to take some injuries and still play through them quietly. A few seasons ago with the bad arm against the Cowboys, a few broken ribs and a broken finger on his throwing hand a few years ago as well. A bad foot that resulted in a loss against Cleveland as well. Tom Brady may be quietly suffering.

While no one really knows, the one thing we all know is that the Patriots are 5-2 and are still considered a threat as long as Tom Brady is at the helm of that offense.