Jets fan that punched a woman is convicted killer, here's pictures of him looking sketchy

Yesterday one of the big stories of the day was a video that hit Deadspin showing a male Jets fan hitting a female Patriots fan. The video had the internet in a fit of outrage, though it was unfortunately not the only time a fan has been captured on film hitting a woman. Last season another Jets fan was caught on film punching a Bills fan.

Either way, the police were reportedly investigating the man as more information started to come out, including the startling revelation that this man is actually a convicted killer.

Kurt Paschke, 38, served three years in state prison in the 1990s after he was convicted as a teen of fatally stabbing 17-year-old Henri Ferrer during a fight behind a pizza parlor in Sayville, L.I.

The unmasking of Paschke as the attacker of the pretty, rival rooter — identified by sources as Boston area resident Jaclyn Nugent — made Ferrer’s family furious.

They have long believed that Paschke, who was 17 at the time of the fatal fight, was allowed to plea to a lesser crime and given just three years in prison because his father, also named Kurt, was a Suffolk County cop.

So, there's that. You can watch the punch at the Jets game here. You can also see a ton of pictures that the New York Daily News posted making this Paschke fellow seem like a complete douche. That's all below.

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