Aaron Dobson is on pace to be Belichick's best rookie WR ever

There is no doubt that throughout the Bill Belichick era, the Patriots have struggled to develop wide receivers that they drafted. For years, Deion Branch was the only exception to this. However, by the looks of things as they stand now, 2013 rookie Aaron Dobson could take that claim away from Branch. Take a look at the stats below:

Quickly note that Dobson has actually played in 8 games so far (not 9, as stated in the graphic) which makes his numbers even more impressive. Dobson leads the pack in touchdown receptions (tied with his co-rookie Kenbrell Thompkins) and trails Branch by only 12 receptions and 35 yards with nearly half the season left to play. At this point, it looks as though Dobson will be Belichick's best rookie WR to date, barring injury or drastic reduction of playing time/performance.

Dobson's development has been clear throughout the season. After missing the team's season opener, even a non-Patriots fan could notice his production that has been steadily  improving in addition to the decline in number of dropped passes. The rookie's connection with quarterback Tom Brady is improving week to week and it is clear that he has plenty of talent and potential. Offseason expectations are quickly becoming reality for Aaron Dobson.

Anthony Aidonidis