Apparently injured Alfonzo Dennard is moving well at practice

His name is Alfonzo Dennard, he's the Patriots' second best corner, maybe their best, and he's reportedly fresh off a scope on his knee.

So, why is he practicing, and why is he looking good doing it?

Reports from Patriots practice today make the Dennard situation much more confusing. Dennard practicing last week, but then missed the last day of practice with a knee injury and then was ruled out for the game. As a result, the Patriots defense continued to struggle, with a hobbled Kyle Arrington getting beat for a game winning touchdown pass by Cam Newton to Tedd Ginn. Likely, Dennard would've been there if he'd been healthy.

Afterwards, we heard that the knee injury could be slightly serious, and would keep Dennard out of the Broncos game and beyond.

However, the corner hasn't missed practice yet this week. He practiced again today, and didn't seem to be impaired at all.

Dennard was practicing again on Thursday and the media was allowed to stay for a couple of minutes of team drills. Dennard was cutting surprisingly well on his repaired knee.

This is a glimmer of hope that he could play Sunday against the Broncos. As per usual, we've heard nothing on Dennard's situation from the Patriots. Though, sure enough, someone will ask Belichick about it tomorrow and be given some form of non-answer.

All we have to go on is usually reliable reporting that he'll miss Sunday's game. Bill always says these things are day to day though.

Anything could change.

When the Pats are staring a historically powerful Bronco's passing attack with Aqib Talib's bad hip and Kyle Arrington's pulled groin...

...hopefully things do change with Dennard.