Bill Belichick shows team Lions benefiting from PI in endzone in 2009

I don't really see the advantage of this, but I guess Bill Belichick was so pissed about the final call of the Panthers-Patriots game that he went digging for 2009 tape of the Detroit Lions.

The Lions-Browns game ended when a pass interference call in the endzone with no time left in the game gave the Lions an untimed down from the 1 yard line. Then rookie Matthew Stafford threw a touchdown pass to also rookie Brandon Pettigrew, and the Lions won the game.

It was essentially the exact opposite of what happened to the Patriots Monday Night. For the Pats, Tom Brady threw an interception in the endzone as time expired, intended for Rob Gronkowski, who was being bear hugged by Luke Kuechly.

The play has been the subject of much controversy all week, and while Belichick refused to say much about it (other than complaining about the lack of explanation) ESPN's Mike Reiss got a glimpse into just how ticked off he was about it, reporting that Belichick showed the team that sequence in the Lions-Browns game in their team meeting Wednesday.

Who knows why Belichick decided to do this. Maybe he remembered it and was just so pissed he had to show the team?

Maybe it's a sign of telling the team they got screwed?

I'm not sure, what I do know is that it's further evidence that the Patriots were screwed Monday night, but, it doesn't matter. That play won't effect the Denver game this coming Sunday at all, and that's where the team's focus ought to be.