Wes Welker on his BFF Tom Brady, "This week, we're pretty much enemies"

Wes Welker will be returning to Foxborough Sunday night, and it's going to be awkward.

Instead of Wes taking big hits and catching third downs for the Patriots like we've been so used to seeing, he'll be with Peyton Manning.

The whole situation will make you want to throw up, and even Welker isn't quite sure how he feels about it.

Boston Herald:
According to the transcript relayed from the Broncos, Welker wasn't asked about his split with the Patriots or anything of that nature. But he was asked if it will be weird playing at Gillette Stadium as a visitor.

"I’m sure it will be a little bit," Welker said. "But it’s another game, another field. It’s still the same size and everything else. I’m familiar with it, so that’s an advantage for sure.”

A little bit? Try a lot.

Wes Welker was one of if not the favorite player of Patriots fans for the past five years. Now he's catching passes from the quarterback Patriots fans have learned to hate for the last 10+.

Of course, Welker was good friends with the one he left here in Foxborough, Tom Brady. So is there any hate brewing this week?


"Yeah for sure, I stay in contact with Tom," Welker said. "Not this week. This week, we’re pretty much enemies, but no, we’re really tight and close. I wish the best for him -- just not this week.”

Welker, Brady, Enemies?

This week can't be over soon enough.