Consistently Inconsistent


Dante Scharnechia is not pleased with Brady's protective bunch this season. The Patriots despite being ranked the fifth best offensive line is the league has been labeled as inconsistent this season. 

The Patriots have allowed Brady to go down 26 times already through nine games. Last year this unit allowed only 27 sacks all together. 

The Patriots have one of the best tackles in the game with Nate Solder but that still hasn't been helping. According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald Scharnechia describes the inconsistency as "“a guy here, a guy there.” Logan Mankins was the cause of problems vs. Miami and Ryan Wendell vs the Steelers. The line has never throughout the season so far had a unit team win. 

Now since Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers have been injured due to a weak offensive line the question now becomes could the inconsistency of the offensive line lead to injury? Even though that is mostly unlikely if it does occur, look for some swift transactions to take place even if Brady keeps getting hit on a week to week basis. 

One thing to keep in mind though is the rookie receiving core which has had trouble getting open thus making the offensive line protect longer. The days of quick slant after quick slant is a mere memory in New England.

Now that Sebastian Vollmer is IR the task at hand is given to third year lineman out of TCU, Marcus Cannon. Canon has been consistent every time he has been out into action and the Steelers game was no exception. Cannon made key blocks on both of Stevan Ridley's touchdowns and also kept Brady on his feet. 

But with the best offensive line coach in the league look for Scharnechia to take this unit to another level quickly. This kind of protection won't be tolerated. "We have to be better, no doubt. Hopefully, we will.” says Scharnechia. Don't worry Pats fans this is the least of the Patriots problems currently.

---Ian Kea