Did the Patriots kill the Texans?

Losing sucks, we all know that, just ask the '08 Detroit Lions. If you're a Houston Texan follower (I'll admit, I am, but only because I said year after year they were the most underrated team in the league, so I had to kinda back up what I said). It wouldn't take much to notice how poorly Houston has played this season, currently standing at 2-7 after winning their first two games in dramatic fashion.
Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There is one underlying factor--a footnote really--that could atone for these losses, and that's the 42-14 December 10th beat down the Patriots gave Houston on Monday Night Football. Houston was 11-1 entering that game, the final four games the Texans only went 1-3, and after winning one game in the playoffs, they went on to be eliminated against the Patriots, 41-28. Closing out the year at 2-4, Houston entered this season winning two very dramatic games. before losing seven straight. If you've done the math, you'd notice Houston has a problem, seemingly never being able to recover from that Monday Night loss. The Texans are 4-11 since that game and three of those four wins have come by a mere touchdown or less, considerably less than the blowouts they were handing out teams earlier in the year.

But who knows? The Houston Texans downfall certainly hasn't helped the AFC and is currently allowing the Jets (yes, those Jets, and no not the ones in Winnipeg) to be in the playoffs. As a football fan, I'm cheering for Houston to get it together, especially since I've been a big supporter of Case Keenum since he played at the University of Houston. Maybe not this year, but in the future.