It was about a year ago around this time where the Houston Texans' hype as a Super Bowl contender was at an all time high. They had won five straight, and were 10-1 for the season. They won their next game in December to make it 11-1, then the Patriots shellacked them on Monday Night Football in the infamous "varsity jacket game". The Texans went on to finish with a respectable 12-4 regular season record before being dispatched easily in the divisional round of the playoffs by the Patriots, yet again.

Now? In 2013 the Texans are free falling, to put it mildly. They have lost nine straight, and in depressing fashion, losing to the lowly Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars. Their nominal starting quarterback, Matt Schaub, has self combusted faster than any quarterback in recent memory, and have resorted to starting an undrafted free agent in his place.

So it seems only right that Andre Johnson, the Texans All-Pro wide receiver, finally had something to say:

“We suck,” Johnson said, via Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com. After a pause, he added: “As an offense. That’s pretty much it...I think our record shows it,” he said. “Yeah, if you look at our record, yeah, we’re the worst team.”

After nine straight losses, it's a surprise that Johnson actually took this long to say something. As the de facto leader of this team (at least by tenure anyway), I'm positive he has had a word or two behind closed doors about his team's performance, but coming out to the public about his team's woes is a whole different matter. It's just disappointing that a Texans/Patriots match up that was circled on everyone's calendar early in the season now has the same value as a Jaguars/Patriots contest (in terms of record). That's not to be misconstrued in that this game should be a cakewalk, but the once promising and explosive matchup has now fizzled out.

Photo vis espn.com

Mike Devarenne 11/26/2013 02:30:00 PM Edit

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