Richard Sherman says Brady asked him and Earl Thomas who they were last year

Seattle Seahawks defensive backs Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas broke into the NFL scene last year with there lockdown coverage and ridiculous play. Sherman took the next step by mouthing off to even the most respected NFL players. Since then, Sherman has embraced his role as 'the villain' and continues to praise himself as the best cornerback in the game.

The signature moment for Sherman last year was when the Seahawks defeated the Patriots and the DB decided to go stick it in quarterback Tom Brady's face. Sherman tweeted this picture above with the caption, 'U Mad Bro?'. Since then, Richard Sherman has become a household name. Of course, the reason for this confrontation is because trash talk was exchanged between Sherman/Thomas and Tom Brady. Now, more details about the exchange have been revealed:

Trash talk happens all the time during games but it looks like things got a little carried away here. Not a bad comeback by Brady, but unfortunately now we all know who these guys are. The fact that Sherman is still talking about this game from last year just shows how much it meant to him to be able to shove the win in Brady's face.

Anthony Aidonidis