Ninkovich: I could go play another game right now

Patriots fans around the nation undoubtedly feel like the team was robbed of one last chance last night against the Carolina Panthers. As for the players and team themselves, they were absolutely fuming. Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett let the refs hear it, Bill Belichick had one of the most tense post-game press conferences I've ever seen, and here's a tweet from CSN's Tom Curran regarding how Rob Ninkovich felt:

Ninkovich and the defense definitely made some plays but ultimately could not contain the crafty Cam Newton. Once the young quarterback got into a groove there was just no stopping him. Whether it was a ridiculous run for a first down on what seemed to be a lost play or a perfect pass to the corner of the endzone, Cam was on fire. He simply had his way with the Patriots defense in the second half.

Yet here we are on Tuesday morning with people still complaining about the non-penalty call. I can assure you that the coaches are not allowing the Patriots to dwell on it. In fact, the only thing that this team can do at this point is take this rage and turn it towards an even bigger matchup next week against the Denver Broncos. The Pats will be playing in their second straight national primetime match-up and definitely want to prove something. With the game being held in Foxboro, one can only imagine that the crowd will be just as fired up. If it takes a heartbreaking loss like this to fire the Patriots up for a win against the Broncos, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Anthony Aidondidis