Tom Brady's mom is in there somewhere

The call of Gene Blakeman's crew at the conclusion of Monday's game caused a stir in living rooms around the country.

The rooms of some of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski's parents was no exception.

On the final play of the game, Gronkowski was held by Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly in the end zone while a Brady pass intended for him was intercepted. A flag was thrown and then picked up with no explanation.

Earlier today, ESPN posted a poll with 82% of the nation thinking that it should've been a foul. Count the moms of Brady and Gronk in the majority there.

Boston Herald:
"My mom thought it was a penalty," quarterback Tom Brady said today. "Does that count?"

Rob Gronkowski's mother is apparently in lockstep with Mrs. Brady.

"I would say yes, our moms are on the same page," Gronkowski said after hearing of Brady's comments.

So there, case settled. It was a foul.

Now we can move on to the frightening Broncos..

Michael Saver 11/20/2013 09:52:00 PM Edit

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