Updates on the Steve Gregory, Rob Ninkovich injury situations

Duron Harmon could be your starting safety next to McCourty! RUTGERS PARTY!!!
Tell me if you've heard this one before.

The Patriots earned a hard fought victory, but came out with some major injuries.

This time, it was Austin Collie, Steve Gregory and Rob Ninkovich going down for the Pats. We haven't heard much about Collie, but reporters were able to observe both Gregory and Ninkovich in the locker room.

Gregory is the team's starting safety, and with Jerod Mayo out for the year, he has been the team's signal caller. Losing him would thrust rookie Duron Harmon into that starting safety role alongside Devin McCourty, a less than ideal situation. However, it appears its one the team may have to deal with the rest of the year. Gregory injured his thumb and left the game not to return. It seemed quite serious at the time, and I'd be surprised if it doesn't require surgery.

Ninkovich left the game in the third quarter with a "Foot" injury. He went to the lockerroom twice, but near the end was on the sideline with his helmet. Things seem much more positive on his end. So, what did reporters see after the game?