Video: Rob Gronkowski making jokes about asian fan, is this blown out of proportion?

Uh oh.

Rob Gronkowski is finding himself in trouble again.

This time Gronk was caught on video making some asian jokes when a asian gentleman was dancing wearing a Gronkowski shirt. See video below.

Gronk made a reference to fried rice and a character from the Hangover, then a man running the event reminded everyone that they needed to turn in their cell phone footage. That strategy sure worked.

Does this make Gronk someone who hates asians? No. There are a lot worse things he could say and it seemed like all in a moment of good fun with the fan dancing around in front of one of his favorite player's. Even if you are offended, it's nowhere near the Richie Incognito story or, obviously, the off-field activities of Gronk's former teammate, Aaron Hernandez.