Per Ben Volin (tweet below), Bill Belichick acknowledged that the Patriots were out-coached and out-played against Cleveland on Sunday. And as usual, wisdom spouts from the Patriots coach. For 58 minutes, that was the case, as the Patriots were down until the very end of the game.

The Patriots looked down and out at 19-3 and 26-14 before mounting a comeback and ultimately winning the game 27-26. It wasn't like the previous 2 games where they looked good for the 2nd half of the game. Even after they brought the game back to 19-14, they looked like they were going to lose. I thought the game was over at 26-14, but as has been the case so many times this year, they proved me wrong. But the fact remains that Bill Belichick is right and the Patriots were out-coached and out-played for the overwhelming majority of this game, and it can't continue come playoff time.

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Conor Frederick 12/10/2013 02:48:00 PM Edit

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