Brady: Pats need to fix things early

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Per CSNNE, the Patriots have only punted twice in the 2nd half of the last 3 games. Other than that, they have 10 touchdowns and 5 field goals.

Tom Brady weighed in on the comeback wins, saying that they were "a blast," but they mean the Pats need to improve early. Here's what he had to say, according to CSNNE:

“I’ve said after these games, ‘It’s not like there’s any special plays that we’re calling.’ It’s just that our execution needs to be better as players. I mean, [if] we’ve got guys open, we’ve got to hit them. The first play of the game last week, I had Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] open in the seam, I’ve got to hit him. Early in the Miami game, I threw an interception; you can’t do that. Not if you want to get out to a lead. So that’s what we need to start playing from, ahead. See if we can put the other team in some of the positions that we’ve been in, see if they can be perfect for the last few minutes of the game.”

Brady and the offense have had their problems early, which is down to turnovers, Brady told CSNNE. They've had early turnovers in each of the games they've had to come from behind, notably 3 lost fumbles in the 1st quarter against Denver.

“All our turnovers have been early in the game,” he pointed out. “We wouldn’t have been able to close the game well and finish well if we had been making mistakes there at the end. It’s not like we’re turning it over four times a game, we’re just turning it over once or twice, and against Denver there were three times there in the first quarter. A lot of it is just us executing better."

Either way, they all look the same in the win-loss column, but Brady is absolutely right that things need to change early. We can get away with it because our schedule is relatively weak the rest of the way (in Miami, in Baltimore, home vs Buffalo), but come playoff time, the teams we'll face in January will be much better. But, in Brady we trust.

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