Brady comments on Edelman's 'Minitron' nickname

Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Julian Edelman without a doubt is the Patriots MVP on offense outside of Tom Brady, he had not only filled the void left behind from Wes Welker. But he has filled the void when others went down, and he has been amazing all year at handling punts.

So partner this with a fancy nickname given to you by a hall of fame Quarterback by the name of Tom Brady, and you'll find this story. According to, Tom Brady called Julian Edelman "Minitron" given after his ability at wide receiver. We all know the other half belongs to Calvin Johnson Jr., with his nickname being "Megatron".

But the speculation doesn't end there, Brady gave him the nickname after the Texans come from behind win and he won't go too far into topic about it. Brady claims it is a private between he and Edelman himself, so no one really knows what "Minitron" may mean or how Brady figured it out. One things for sure, Brady thinks the name fits him well, and Edelman isn't complaining.