D.J. Williams - Patriots offense is like an attractive girl

AP Photo
Yes, this is for real. D.J. Williams compared the Patriots offense to charming an attractive Hispanic woman according to WEEI.

Here's what he had to say:

“It’s just the terminology,” Williams said. “The concepts are pretty much the same. It’s just called different. It’s like trying to pick up Spanish. This offense is very attractive and if you found a very attractive Hispanic lady, you’d pick it up pretty quick.

“I’ll get in trouble for that. Just have a good time. That’s all it is.”

D.J. Williams was originally picked up for insurance on Nov. 27 after Michael Hoomanawanui went down with a knee injury, then released, then was picked up again after Gronk's knee injury according to WEEI. He'll probably see significant playing time as the Patriots will probably go with a "tight end by committee" approach for the rest of the year in Gronk's absence. But, at least if a career in the NFL doesn't work out, he'll have a career as a stand up comedian.

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