Fantasy Fix: Waiver Wire Blues - Championship Week

If you’re reading this, let me be the first to congratulate you on making it to the Fantasy Football Championship. I might even be the only person to congratulate you since your girlfriend left you back in Week 5 for spending Sunday’s with your league mates, repeatedly leaving the toilet seat up, not “listening” and whatever else she said.
It’s alright my Fantasy Fixers, the Shiva is yours for the taking. If you made it this far, you probably don’t need to do a whole lot of rosterbating. But if you’ve been streaming defenses, have injuries or just want to shoot a little dirty pool and block your opponent from grabbing anything that helps him, let’s play the waiver wire blues one more time.
Good luck and your girlfriend says “hi.”
Andy Dalton, (CIN) vs. MIN: Dalton is still out there in some leagues and your-humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru likes him as a top 5 QB this week. The red rifle faces a Vikings D that has given up the second most fantasy points to quarterbacks this year. Start him, win the championship, buy me a cold one or six later. Fantasy projection: 20 points.
Running Back
Rashad Jennings, (OAK) at SD: In Jennings last six starts he’s scored in double digits and in half of those games he totaled 20 or more fantasy points. That’s gold, Jerry! Gold! Fantasy projection: 14 points.
Wide Receiver
Brian Hartline, (MIA) at BUF:  Hartline is averaging over 9 Fantasy points in his last six games and faces a Buffalo secondary that has given up the third most fantasy points this year. Turn on your Hartline.Fantasy projection: 9.50 points. 
Tight End
Delanie Walker, (TEN) at JAC: The only thing that Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick likes more than his beard is throwing to Walker. Walker came back from his concussion last week to catch eight passes for 53 yards and a touchdown. Seems like the head is ok to me. Just don’t ask him where his car keys are. Fantasy projection: 10.50 points. 
Defense/Special Teams
Detroit Lions vs. NYG: The Lions didn’t do much against the Ravens Monday night, but Sunday they get the New York Eli Mannings. Manning is kind of throwing a lot of picks this year, don’t know if you’ve heard. He’ll throw more this week. Fantasy projection: 13 points. 
Phil Dawson, (SF) vs. ATL: One of the few good things about the season ending is that I’ll never have to talk about kickers again. It’s been a great season, my Fantasy Junkies. Good luck. Hold me. Oh, and pick up Dawson. Fantasy projection: 11 points. 

Good luck in the Championship. Have a Fantasy question? Get at the Guru on Twitter @TheGuruGS