Jets Implosion - Pass the popcorn

Photo courtesy of the NY Daily News
The Jets have been held to 3 or fewer points in their last 2 games, which is pretty bad. How bad? Well, the last team to do that was the 2008 Cleveland Browns, who lost back to back games by respective scores 14-0 and 31-0 (per ESPN). Geno Smith was benched in the 2nd half in favor of backup quarterback Matt Simms, who moved the ball better after taking over for Smith. The Jets were blasted repeatedly on TV before and during the game, culminating in commentator Rich Gannon saying the Jets have not found their starting QB yet.

“I don’t believe the starting quarterback of the New York Jets in 2014 is currently on the roster,” Gannon said with 32 seconds left in the first half
- NY Daily News

The NY Daily News is also reporting that Geno Smith has thrown in the towel, which is sad in and of itself, at least if you're a Jets fan. They drafted the guy in hopes that he could restore some credibility to the franchise after being the laughingstock of the NFL for the past couple of years. Alas, that was not to be. Geno Smith has 19 turnovers right now, and that's not what you want from the guy who might be the future of your franchise. Right now, Matt Simms, the backup, might be the best bet for the Jets to save their season. But, being a Pats fan, of course, I don't want them to save their season.

So, maybe the Jets start over with another rookie next year, but right now, I'm having too much fun watching the Jets let their season get away from them. So whether the Jets leave Geno with his 19 turnovers as the starter or the relatively unknown Simms starting at QB, pass the popcorn (extra butter, please!) and enjoy, Patriots Nation. The Jets are almost finished this season, unless they somehow win out (not likely) and get other results. But the chances of that happening are slim to nonee, so now here's to hoping they can destroy whatever credibility they have left, if they even have any left.

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