Brady calls Edelman "Minitron"

Photo from NBC Sports
We all know Calvin Johnson is called "Megatron." Well, now we have a "Minitron," per Tom Brady, Pro Football Talk reports. That would be one Julian Edelman, who has turned into one of the top threats on the Patriots. It's a nickname he's more than earned, though. He's doubled his career highs in catches (70) and receiving yards (711) with 4 games left to play in the season. And he's getting hot right at the right time, when the Patriots need all the offense they can get. He came up with 101 yards on 9 catches against Houston and a couple of big TD's against Denver last week.

Edelman earned that nickname, as he's been a big factor in the Patriots success. He's quietly established himself as a reliable target for Tom Brady, especially in the last couple of weeks. Will it continue? Yes - I don't see Julian Edelman slowing down at all. Quite the opposite in fact - he'll just keep getting better, I think. Just don't let me down, Julian.

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