Josh McDaniels will interview for Cleveland Browns job, but will he turn them down if offered?

Reports have been swirling surrounding Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels today, the infamous Black Monday.

The reason? The Browns let go of their coach Rob Chudzinski after just one subpar year, and now have their sights set of the Patriots offensive coordinator to fill their vacancy. Michael Lombardi, now Browns GM former NFL Network Analyst, wrote a column three years ago about McDaniels being fired in Denver, comparing it to Bill Belichick being fired in Cleveland.

I believe McDaniels will one day be a successful head coach. I believe this because I know what it takes to be successful in the league. I've never worked with Josh, nor have I spent much time around him. But I have observed him each week, from his game plans to his teams' performance on the field. His teams might not have been the most talented, but they were well-coached, well-designed and well-prepared.

McDaniels will learn from his tenure in Denver, just as Belichick learned from his time in Cleveland, and some other owner willing to change will benefit greatly.

Since Lombardi was once an analyst in the media, we have a unique look into how he views current players and coaches in the NFL. He once said he would've traded for former Patriot QB Brian Hoyer if he were GM of the 49ers, sure enough he signed Hoyer and had him starting in his first year as Browns GM. Lombardi's column makes it clear that he's a fan of McDaniels, thus the link.

Ironic that Lombardi preached patience in that article and then fires his latest coach after one rebuilding year with no quearterback, but still perhaps he feels he has a shot at McDaniels. Suspicions have been confirmed as McDaniels will indeed interview.
Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will interview for the Browns head coaching job, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Mary Kay Cabot, the newspaper's beat writer, reported that a source confirmed the impending interview....

McDaniels could interview for the Browns job as soon as Jan. 5, according to's Ian Rapoport.

According to the NFL rules, the Browns will have to get this done soon as they need to complete the interview before the conclusion of the weekend's Wild Card playoff games.

But does Josh McDaniels want the job?

A couple of reporters close to New England sports, Ian Rappoport and Albert Breer, both have their doubts (via NESN)

The fact that he is going in for an interview suggests that he is at least willing to listen to what they have to say. It would be hard to pass up a job to become head coach of a team again, but are the Browns the right situation?

They are certainly filled with a lot of potential, as they have now one of the best Wide Receivers in the league in Josh Gordon and also a playmaking tight end in Jordan Cameron. They also have one of the best young defenses in the NFL led by the likes of Joe Haden and Desmond Bryant.

However, the Browns have no quarterback and a front office that has shown a lot of impatience. That's the exact situation McDaniels found himself in last time, when he whiffed on Tim Tebow in the draft and was soon out the door.

Ben Volin of the Globe reports that the Browns have simply requested permission to interview McDaniels, and it has not yet been granted. The Patriots can deny permission, but that is unlikely.

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