Josh McDaniels has been a coach for the Patriots for quite awhile. He took over the reigns of the offense when Charlie Weiss left following the 2004 season. He went on to mastermind that record breaking 2007 Patriots offense before leaving two years after that to coach the Denver Broncos. After he was fired as head coach in Denver and then as offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, he came back to the nest.

It was perfect timing, with his replacement Bill O'Brien leaving to become coach of Penn State, McDaniels joined Brady again for the 2011 Super Bowl run and subsequently took over as offensive coordinator.

Now it seems that McDaniels could be leaving the nest again. He's rumored as a candidate for the Cleveland Browns vacant coaching position.

So, Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels have known each other for quite a while. And while McDaniels might take some heat around here, Tom Brady hopes he doesn't go anywhere.

"Josh is the best offensive coach I could ever imagine," Brady said. "He's so prepared, he's so confident in what he does. He figures out a way each week to get us in the best position as players to win.

"I have so much respect for him and what he does for me, what he does for our team. He's just a great coach. He's got a lot of poise. He's got a lot of discipline. I hope he doesn't go anywhere, I'd love for him to coach me the rest of my life. But that's just the way it is, he's one of my best friends and I love having him."

That's a lot of love coming from Brady.

McDaniels has been with the Patriots through nearly their entire impressive run of dominance, as he came on as an assistant in 2001. So it's easy to see why Brady would be so fond of him.

He's come under fire this year for a lack of emphasis on the run game and also for some related struggles in the red zone.

He's also been viewed as the most likely successor to Bill Belichick, should the hoodie ever finally hang it up. Of course, no one knows when that will ever happen, and if McDaniels is given another opportunity to coach, for his hometown Ohio nonetheless, he'd be a fool to pass up the job.

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