Suggs: "Burn the tape" from this game

Photo from Washington Post
Terrell Suggs said the tape from this game wasn't even worth watching. In fact, to quote Suggs directly (tweet below, per Ben Volin), he said "you could burn the tape." Somebody's definitely mad, bro.

I guess someone was bound to say something like this. It's easier to say "We'll learn from our mistakes" after a close games. When you lose a blowout, the frustration seeps through and you get quotes like this one.

Suggs is definitely upset, and it's really funny. Just about everything that could have went wrong for the Ravens did go wrong. But burning the tape won't do any good. When you have a bad game, you have to face it. I guess if they want to burn the tape, that means they won't learn from their mistakes, which means they'll lose to Cincinnati on Sunday, which means they'll miss the playoffs. And that's fine by me.

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