The Pats have the 2nd-most $$$ on IR

Photo from Bleacher Report
According to ESPN Boston, the Patriots have the 2nd most money on the injured reserve behind the St. Louis Rams. The Pats have a total of $27.4 million of committed salary on injured reserve right now, which hurts the Pats from a salary cap perspective. This represents 21% of the adjusted salary cap for the Pats, second to the Rams with 23%.

Here are the 5 teams with the most committed salary on IR, per ESPN Boston:

Rams -- $28.8 million
Patriots -- $27.4 million
Texans -- $26.1 million
Bengals -- $21.4 million
Giants - $19.7 million

Outside of the financial hit, the personnel loss is showing up big time for the Patriots at exactly the wrong time. Key players like Vince Wilfork and Rob Gronkowski (after the hit on Sunday) are on the IR with season ending injuries, and the losses are starting to show in the team's play on the field. Granted, the Pats are still winning, which is ultimately what counts, but the injuries are taking it's toll/

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