T.J. Ward discusses hit on Gronk

Image courtesy of the Boston Herald
In this age of the NFL, the league is cracking down on high hits in an effort to lower the amount of head injuries. But what cost does that come at to the players who are taller? In this example lets use Rob Gronkowski.

In the third quarter of today's Patriots game, Tight End Rob Gronkowski received a pass and was headed down field. At the same time, Cleveland Browns strong safety T.J Ward was headed for his tackle. But since the rule is in place about hitting high, Ward went low and absolutely destroyed Gronk's leg..... The result? A torn ACL (MRI is today) and the end of a season just when we needed him most. But Ward was given the opportunity to chime in on the hit after the game and had this to say. (Please keep in mind that this hit is 100% legal by NFL Standards)

"The decision I made was to make a tackle on a big man, and unfortunately he got hurt," Ward said. "If I were to hit him up high, there’s a chance I would be fined, so I was just being safe. Gronk is a big dude. He’s not small by any means. It just makes it difficult. My intention is not to hurt anyone. That’s not what this game is about, and that’s not how I play."

Ward has already been fined three times by the NFL for various hits over the past years and whether or not he was playing it safe, the hit was still absolutely ridiculous.

The video of the hit can be seen here for those still wondering: Gronkowski Hit Tears ACL

- Joshua Powers