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Vinatieri left the Patriots in 2006 for more money, signing with rival Colts, and since then has been booed every time he plays in Foxborough. Vinatieri shared how this booing has made him feel with Felger and Mazz on The Sports Hub:
"I'm disappointed when fans boo the crap out of me."

There's Adam's feelings. Now here are mine:

"Adam, GROW UP!"

We are Boston fans, we are about as angry and fickle as they come in the sports world and the slightest insult can change our perception of you forever. May I remind you of the recent Ray Allen, who - after helping Boston win a championship - left for the Heat and instantly became on everyone's hate list. How bout Johnny Damon, who won a championship with the Red Sox, then left for the Yankees, and everyone hates him. THIS LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED WITH WELKER! Did you really not see this coming Adam?

My general rule of thumb is this: if you were at any point a key member of the team, you deserve a round of applause for your FIRST return home. So if you didn't get that Adam I apologize. You did deserve that. But after your first game home, you have become the enemy and are fair game. Are you really expecting a standing ovation every time you come back to Boston? Really? That right is only reserved for two people: Paul Pierce and Tom Brady. Any other player gets one round of applause then we move on.

Now, the Vinatieri lovers (most of my fellow Patriots Life staff) like to bring up that two of the three Super Bowl wins were won on the leg of Vinatieri. In fact even in the Eagles game, a Vinatieri field goal early in the fourth was the deciding three point difference. So it can be said that Vinatieri won all three Super Bowls for the Patriots. I understand that and respect that. But let me propose to you something that will change your opinion on Vinatieri forever.

I, like any good sports fan, am extremely superstitious. Boston housed the team that couldn't win a championship for 86 years, and we blamed it on a player who was sold to our rivals. Of course I am referencing the Curse of the Bambino. Whether you believed in it, it still was most of Boston's explanation for the Red Sox's championship drought. Well, the Patriots are in their own championship drought, and while NFL reporters and players love to point out spygate and say thats why the Pats can't win, I blame it on that no good kicker Adam Vinatieri who left the Patriots for our rival and more cash. The Curse of Vinatieri is alive and well right now and while some of you will just laugh at this notion, you best believe that I will not cheer a player who has cursed my beloved Patriots. No sir.

So, to summarize: Adam, I am very sorry that you didn't get your first game become welcome. I truly believe every great player deserves that. But after that, you are the enemy and we can do whatever the hell we want to you. If you can't take the booing, then maybe you shouldn't have left in the first place. It's not like it's out of the ordinary. We're Boston, and we hate everyone who does us wrong.

Bring on the hate mail.

Photo via bostonherald.com

- Pete Rogers

Peter Rogers 1/31/2014 04:18:00 PM Edit

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