Another week, another garbage Patriots article from Dan Shaughnessy

In the least surprising news of Pats-Broncos week, Boston Globe sports writer Dan "Shank" Shaugnessy pumped out another lazy, uninspired, troll job of an article "boldly" predicting the Patriots will lose Sunday. This comes on the heels of his annual "Tomato Can" article, which was essentially a re-worded version of his Texans article from last year.


That's how lazy Dan Shaugnessy has gotten. As Barstool wordsmith Jerry Thornton laid out last week, Shaugnessy has resorted to using previous years work as a template that he basically just plugs new information into. He got widespread media attention last year for his piece. Heck, why not just try the same thing again? Dan understands that his job is safe at the Globe, and the fluffy, meaningless drivel he continues to publish is evidence of that fact.

And let's be clear on something: I am not criticizing him for predicting the Patriots are going to lose. That is a perfectly reasonable stance, and to be honest, there is a legitimate chance New England does fall at Mile High on Sunday. What I have a problem with is the laziness that permeates all of his writing. For true Patriots fans who embrace statistics and well-supported arguments related to the team, it is insulting that perhaps the most well-known sports writer in Boston continues to stoop this low.

Would it kill you to at least use a statistic of some sort to support one of your foolish statements, Dan? But no, you would rather go with comments like:

They have the best no-name defense since the 1970s Miami Dolphins. Belichick is taking guys off the street and beating every team in his path.

But these Patriots are not better than the Broncos. Too many things have happened.

Brilliant insight Dan! That type of stuff makes it clear like you get paid the big bucks... Also, the clever comparison you made on how John Fox looks just like Grady Little really helped put Sunday's game in perspective for me!

Maybe that's what the Curly Haired Boyfriend's purpose is. Maybe he is just trying to get a rise out of people like me, Felger-style, with the hopes of drawing more attention to himself. If so, you win Shank. But know this: you should be embarrassed by the quality and content of these lousy opinion pieces you continue to produce. You should be embarrassed that all of your peers, including fellow Globe writer Ben Volin write circles around you on a daily basis. Most of all, you should be embarrassed that you have resorted to trolling as a means of getting your name in the headlines and on the airwaves, rather than what you should be doing to garner attention: producing quality journalistic work.

Look forward to your next Tomato Can piece Dan, which I'm sure will come down the pipeline next postseason. To be honest, I'd prefer to throw a tomato can directly at your big, stupid face.