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According to Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network, Bill Belichick pushed for ex-Tampa Bay coach and friend Greg Schiano to get the Cleveland Browns coaching job.

For one, Schiano thinks the sun shines out of Bill's every orifice. We reported back in October that some of the players found the extent Schiano's admiration of Belichick alarming. He tried to copy Belichick's style, yet ended up taking it way too far. Here's a qoute from ex-Buc turned Seahawk, Michael Bennett that we posted via NFL.com last October.

Schiano lost some respect during the summer of 2012 when, during joint workouts with the New England Patriots, he demonstrated a reverence for his friend and apparent idol, Pats coach Bill Belichick, that Bucs players found alarming.

"He gathered us before we practiced and told us that if Belichick said something to us on the field, we should listen," one current Bucs player recalls. "He said, 'Treat their coaches like they're your coaches.' We were like, 'Huh?' When we practiced together, whatever Belichick wanted, he did. It was hilarious -- here (Schiano) is, acting like Mr. Tough Guy all the time, and when Belichick wanted something, he was like, 'Yes, Bill.' "

I'm sure Bill tried his hardest to get Schiano the job in Cleveland. Of course, you could go the conspiracy rout and say Belichick wanted to get his hands on some of the Cleveland players. If you'll remember, we got Aqib Talib and Lagarrette Blount from Schiano for little to nothing, and when he left, that pipeline closed, as we posted on the site in late December. Both guys have done well here...when healthy. Was Bill trying to set something up by getting his old friend the job at his old team? I'm sure there were more than a few players that caught Bill's attention when Cleveland almost beat us.

It's irrelevant now, as Schiano didn't get the job, but nice to see Bill trying to help a fellow coach.

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