Brady vs Manning: Eight NFL personnel men overwhelmingly favor one over the other

courtesy Joshua Powers

Stupid question for New Englanders right?

But not as stupid as you might think. Yahoo! released an article tonight, where they questioned eight different NFL personnel men and asked them what they thought of Brady and Manning. Each personnel had to vote on which quarterback is better and deserves the MVP award.... the vote.....

7-1 in favor of Brady.

Shocked? The New Englander in you says no, but are you really shocked? Well, Yahoo had given these statistics in comparison to Manning. Brady had 1,134 fewer yards, 20 fewer touchdowns, and a rating 27.8 points lower. He even had one fewer win. This vote wouldn't have been the same last year, or even five years ago according to the writers, as they voted 6-2 and 4-4 respectively. But one thing is certain, Brady does deserve an MVP if the year keeps going the way, especially since he lead the team (in some cases) past injuries galore and into the AFC Championship.

- Joshua Powers

Thanks to @dylancredible for tweeting us the article