Has the hate gone too far on the Broncos?

The playoffs start tomorrow and right now the best team in the AFC is the Denver Broncos. They are sitting at the 1 seed and are look like the favorites to reach the Super Bowl.
Photo via knoxnews.com

However, Shaun King, in his interview with Tom E. Curran on CSNNE, thinks otherwise.
“I’m fine going on record right now saying they absolutely will not represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I think they are a flawed team. I think their flaws will be exposed in the playoffs. If there is one team that I think has an opportunity to really get on a roll it’s the Cincinnati Bengals.”

While I do agree with him about the Broncos and their flaws being exposed, I think it is a little much to say that they 100% will not make the Super Bowl. Lets not forget the fact that a) Broncos are the 1st seed, b) they boasted the best offense in the history of the NFL this year, c) they have one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game on their side. I like the confidence and the balls to make such a bold prediction, but I do think this is too much.

I have the Broncos facing the Patriots in the AFC Championship game but I won't go on record saying its a sure thing the Pats beat them. That being said, not sure how many people would care or even know what I said 'on record'.

- Pete Rogers