Pats outscore Broncos in 2nd half

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So much for Peyton and his high-powered offense. In the 2nd half of the season, the Patriots outscored the Broncos, 265-263, according to Christopher Price (tweet below).

So there, Manning. Brady's better than least in the 2nd half. BRADY FOR MVP!

Maybe that last part is wishful thinking...ok, it probably is. The voters probably won't see past the insane numbers Peyton put up, but it still has to count for something that a depleted/inexperienced Patriots offense put up more numbers than a loaded offense over half the season.

Plus, this is meaningless unless the Pats play the Broncos in the AFC Championship game. Then you could make a case that the Pats should have the edge because they were able to outscore probably the best offense in the league for the 2nd half, which is what counts in the NFL.

I'd rather look back at that one game this season, though. You know the one. The one where New England and Denver squared off and Peyton definitely came out looking the worse for wear.

Not that that would happen, though. Wouldn't pick Peyton to make it out of the first game with his history of going 1 & done in the playoffs.

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