Josh McDaniels confirms meeting with the Browns over the weekend

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It's well known that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is one of the top candidates for his hometown Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy. Yesterday, McDaniels confirmed reports that he met with the Browns over the weekend...and almost nothing else.

"We met and that’s about all there is at this point. Nothing further" McDaniels said to the press.

McDaniels interviewed for the Browns vacancy last year, but opted to stay in New England. He previously left the Patriots in 2009 to become the Broncos head coach, where he went 11-17 in just under two seasons and drafted Tim Tebow in the first round.

Right now, McDaniels says he's focused on the task at hand. Via ESPN Boston:
“I appreciate the question. I understand it. I know that’s something that comes up each time this year for other coaches – the opportunities are certainly flattering if they come up. That being said, I’m going to try to keep my focus on the Colts and our preparation this week," he said. "Like I’ve said in the past, I’m fortunate to have the job I have. I love being here. I love doing what I’m doing. Each opportunity that comes along is a little different. I’m going to leave it at that and continue to focus and put my attention and my effort into the Colts this week.”
If McDaniels does return to New England again, it will make Tom Brady very happy.