Patriots all-time record as the two seed

Like many many years before, the Patriots have made it to the playoffs. And like a few times before, in fact exactly 5 times before, the Patriots are sitting proud as the second seed in the AFC. While you can't base everything on history, I figured why not take a look and see how the Patriots have fared the five times they were the 2nd seed. We start back in 78...
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The Patriots were the second seed this year, with the Steelers claiming the AFC. Sadly, this was a one-and-done year as the Patriots lost in the Divisional round to the Houston Oilers 31-14. Pretty pathetic.

Here it was our friends in Denver who claimed the top seed in the AFC. The Patriots had great success in the playoffs, destroying their two opponents; the Steelers 28-3 in Divisional round and the Jaguars 20-6 in the conference championship. But sadly they ultimately fell short of the Super Bowl, losing to the Packers 35-21.

The Steelers returned this year to take the AFC. I think we all know what happened this year. The Snow Bowl against the Raiders, then a beating of the Steelers, led us to face the Greatest Show on Turf in the Super Bowl. Which we won 20-17. Plus one in the win column.

The Steelers again had the AFC top seed and again I think you all know what happened. We cruised through Denver and Pittsburgh and then beat the Eagles 24-21 in the Super Bowl. Plus two.

Denver had the top seed and we basically ruined the Texans. Forever. But then those Ravens came and that was that.

So looking back, as the second seed we have had 1 one-and-done, 1 Super Bowl loss, 2 Super Bowl wins and 1 Championship loss. So if history shows us anything, we have a 60% chance of making it to the Super Bowl and once there, a 66.66666666666666666666666666666% chance of winning it. Not bad.

Bring it on Colts.

- Pete Rogers