The Road to MetLife Stadium 2013 Season MVP, jersey winner announced

As we announced after Week 1, we've been looking to chronicle the Patriots quest on the Road to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl. To do this, we've highlighted heroes from each and every game. A weekly Patriots MVP voted by you!

With each vote, you earned an entry to win a Patriots jersey. So, without further ado, the winner of the Road to MetLife Stadium Patriots MVP Contest is...

Candace Parker

Congratulations to Candace!

The winner will be e-mailed separately with instructions on claiming their prize. Thank you to everyone for participating@

Now, over the season, we've asked you guys to weigh in on who you believed was the hero of each and every Patriots game. These are the heroes from each week, as voted by the fans.

Week 1: Danny Amendola
Week 2: Aqib Talib
Week 3: Kenbrell Thompkins
Week 4: Aqib Talib
Week 5: Brandon Spikes
Week 6: Tom Brady
Week 7: Rob Gronkowski
Week 8: Logan Ryan
Week 9: Tom Brady
Week 11: Tom Brady
Week 12: Tom Brady
Week 13: Stephen Gostowski
Week 14: Shane Vereen
Week 15: Julian Edelman
Week 16: Logan Ryan
Week 17: LeGarrette Blount

So, with all of the votes throughout the year tallied, your Road to MetLife Stadium Week MVP of the 2013 Patriots season was...

Tom Brady

Tom Brady receives the Road to MetLife Stadium honor with an absolutely overwhelming 25.3% of the vote.

Aqib Talib with 14%
LeGarrette Blount with 11.6%
Julian Edelman with 9.6%
Logan Ryan with 6.3%
Shane Vereen 5.3%
Stephen Gotowski 5.2%
Rob Gronkowski 4.8%
Kenbrell Thompkins with 3%
Danny Amendola with 2.8%
Chandler Jones with 2.6%
Rob Ninkovich with 1.8%
Brandon Spikes with 1.6%
Stevan Ridley with 1.6%
Aaron Dobson with 1%

Thank you to everyone for participating in this contest all year long. Stay tuned for more chances to win great Patriots gear in the playoffs!

Here's a look back at all of our MVP graphics by the wonderful EK!

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