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Welp, by now hopefully you know the drill. I give you four locations that a Patriots free agent could end up and you give me a round of applause and a firm handshake. This time we will delve into the future of LeGarrette Blount.

Now, after much close analysis, there are some teams that did not make this list that you might think “Hey their running game sucked last season why wouldn’t Blount go there?” Welp, sometimes the player wouldn’t fit their scheme (Dolphins for example like speed receiving backs), the team doesn’t have any cash (Steelers are going to need to make some serious cuts if they want to sign anyone this offseason), or maybe there is a young star in waiting that the team would like to develop (Cardinals with Andre Ellington).

SO, with that all said, I present to you the four likely destinations for Blount - with obviously a dark horse - next season, from least to most likely.

4. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens had the third worst rushing attack last season, racking up a mere 1,328 yards on the ground. This was mainly due to the general lack of Ray Rice all season. While he was busily out beating his woman (too soon?), the Ravens demonstrated that they need serious help behind Rice if they want to continue being a ground and pound team like years past. In all seriousness, the Ravens do have to figure out what to do with Rice with his recent wife abuse and Blount could be a strong candidate to take over the Ravens backfield if Rice is discharged.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Like most things they do, the Jaguars sucked at running the football. And did I mention that their all star running back is 110% leaving in free agency? With more money than Donald Trump would know what to do with, Jaguars could do a lot worse bringing Blount into their backfield.

2. Cleveland Browns

One huge stat sticks out to me about the Brown’s rushing attack last season: 4 touchdowns. That’s how many rushing touchdowns they had all season. Blount on his own had 7. That would be an instant upgrade. Obviously the lack of ground production came from the Browns trading Trent Richardson in arguably the steal of the decade. Its a toss up between that trade and the one we pulled to get Blount.

Before showing you my number one landing spot, here is a dark horse team to land Blount:

Dark Horse - Houston Texans

Biggest reason this happens is because the Texans will most likely lose backup Ben Tate in free agency. A backfield with the speed of Adrian Foster and the strength of Blount would certainly help whatever rookie QB is going to be playing there.

1. New England Patriots

The Patriots are getting a little more cap room with the recent increase of the cap and I think they could get a hometown discount with Blount. Blount loooooooooooves the Patriots, he made sure to mention that multiple times during the season. He wants to be in Foxboro and all us fans what him here too.

Where do you think Blount could end up?

- Pete Rogers

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