So, that Aaron Hernandez. Not a guy to mess with apparently.

In case you hadn't already figured that out from the allegations of murder, guns, drugs and shooting a guy in the face, Hernandez just had an incident in jail.

Hernandez has been in Bristol County Jail since being arrested and denied bail in June last year. He is, of course, facing charges for the murder of Odin Lloyd around that same time.

We really haven't heard a peep about his activities other than his doodles of girl's butts. Apparently when he's not busy drawing those, he's beating the hell out of his fellow inmates.

According to TMZ, Hernandez attacked another inmate in the Bristol County Jail on Tuesday. Per the report, Hernandez “beat the guy up pretty good.” (Rocky Balboa apparently was reporting from the scene.)

Hernandez normally remains apart from other inmates, ostensibly for his own protection. It was the other inmate who needed the protection.

No word on why Hernandez wasn't kept separate in this instance, but the inmate who suffered the beating was apparently mouthing off quite a bit to him in the hallway.

Leave your guesses in the comments as to what he said to turn Hernandez on in the comments if you want.

Unknown 2/25/2014 07:20:00 PM Edit

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