Prosecutors intend to release surveillance video of Aaron Hernandez at the gas station he was at 20 minutes before picking up the man he allegedly murdered, Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was supposedly high at the time and was being a nuisance:
'He danced in his own headlights for so long the gas station attendant turned off the outside lights to get rid of him. He was apparently high, or very much appeared to be.'
Sources told MailOnline that he was a big user of alcohol, PCP, and hydroponic marijuana. This isn't surprising considering he failed multiple drug tests while at Florida but in a way it is surprising because he never failed a test while a member of the New England Patriots. 

If Hernandez was dancing so long that the gas station guy had to turn off the lights to get him out of there, there is a damn good chance he was baked! Aside from the fact that he murdered someone, how stupid is he to be one of the most recognizable Patriots players, and to be high as a kite dancing around at a New England gas station. Smart dude. @joeloobs @PatriotsLife

Daily Mail

Joe Loubier 2/18/2014 11:22:00 PM Edit

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