Pictured: Two OGs who aren't down with woman beaters
Brandon Spikes has always been one to speak his mind. It's part of the reason he was a fan favorite for many in his four years with the team, and also likely a big part of the reason he's now a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Based on his reaction to leaving New England, Spikes felt a little muzzled in New England's "be seen and not heard" culture. He's already taken advantage of his new-found "freedom" in Buffalo. Never one to hold back, Spikes went on a Twitter rant today after hearing the news that Ray Rice got married last night, only one day after the Baltimore running back was indicted with a charge of aggravated assault for allegedly punching out his fiance. Here's Spikes thoughts on the matter.

Ned Brady 3/29/2014 01:10:00 PM Edit

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