Brandon Spikes, who was a linebacker that signed a rookie contract giving him a top dollar of $3.21 million after being drafted by New England, now says he was a slave.

Now that he's in Buffalo, NY after signing with the Bills, he's apparently a free man.

No real idea what is setting this off, but I assume he was getting some trash talk from Patriots fans.

As for the Bills beating the Patriots twice next year, that's looking unlikely. Hey, whatever's possible for a Bills team now led by an oft-injured, one dimensional linebacker.

The outspoken player wasn't allowed to talk much to the media with the Pats. Big deal.

Spikes was actually one of my favorite players when he was on the Patriots, but it becomes clearer by the day how much he hated being there. A divorce was seen coming a mile away when he refused to show up for team OTAs last year. Still, it didn't have to be a messy divorce, but Spikes is fueling the fire of this Buffalo-New England rivalry(?) by constantly going off on the Patriots on twitter.

You tell him Aaron Dobson!

Michael Saver 4/09/2014 01:24:00 PM Edit

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