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We learned a lesson here today, dropping ridiculous amounts of money can get you the vote as top team in the AFC.

Dan Koppen, who is a former Patriot and Bronco, stated today that he believes that even though the Patriots tightened the gap with the signing of Revis, the Broncos are still the best team in the AFC according to csnne.com.

"Right now, speaking as a player and analyst, I think Patriots have closed the gap, with what they've brought in the secondary with [Darrelle] and [Brandon] Browner, but I still think the Broncos are in the lead in the AFC. My feeling is [Denver free agent signee] DeMarcus Ware is the X-factor. Secondary and pass defense go hand in hand with your pass rush and bringing in that extra pass rusher... I think the Broncos really missed Elvis Dumervil [who left for the Ravens] last year."

Koppen did say though that the model for running a team should be the New England Patriots. To be honest, I don't think the Bronco's are favorites at all.. If we have learned anything, especially us Bostonians (yeah I'm talking about the Sox) its that you can drop the cash for the big names, but they still have to perform, and that can be a toss up in the air. That usually falls on Boston because we have a history between the Sox, Bruins, and Celtics of bringing in the HUGE names who are just not there anymore. A team takes talent, and that's something that the Patriots have

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 4/10/2014 02:48:00 PM Edit

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