Logan Mankins says that former Patriot and current Buffalo Bill Spikes has a pretty good sense of humor, so just chocks it up to some good old fashioned joke.

For what it's worth, Spikes does have a pretty maniacal sense of humor. It's what I always liked about him. Ever since he revealed that he writes "I'm watching you" on the toilet paper at Gillette Stadium, he's been near and dear to my heart.

Still, I think he was being a whiny #%@# on twitter with his Patriot bashing, and Mankins can't really say much beyond what he says above.

In case you missed it, Spikes recently lashed out at the Patriots on twitter, saying he can't wait to beat the Pats twice and said he spent "four years as a slave" in New England.

Video via: Mike Petraglia, WEEI

Michael Saver 4/17/2014 02:51:00 PM Edit

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